This is a paper to answer the questions. There are 7 questions:
1- Explain the notion of division of duty, Provide an example of where this may be missing in the foodservice industry (cite an example not already provided in the chapter),
2- Youve just been hired as a bar manager and your first task is to replace the ice-making machine. What are some considerations?
3- What is the difference between a control state and a license state?
4- Again using your choice of search engine, name three examples of ultra-premium spirits.
5- Why do temperature, humidity, and light matter when storing the various categories of alcohol?
6- The price for a glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon is $13.25. What should you charge for a half glass?
7- Why would a restaurant charge a high corkage fee? On the other hand, a new restaurant in San Francisco is charging a corkage fee of only $1, What is their strategy?

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