Autonomous Vehicles

 Select one of the following topics for a 3,000-word paper (about ten pages of text content, which does not include tables of contents, footnotes, endnotes, references, etc. required by APA6). If needed, further research can be done if appropriately referenced. Refer as well to the guidelines posted in Canvas regarding this assignment along with tutorials. If another topic is desired, instructor approval of the topic is necessary prior to commencing upon the paper. APA6 shall be used as the standard for references and citations. *** In all cases, at least three external references are required as part of the research. *** B: Autonomous Vehicles Readings: • NSPE Code of Ethics • 2016 NHTSA Review of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Automated Vehicles • NTSB accident reports for incidents involving autonomous vehicles (i.e, HAB 1906, HAB 1907 and HSR 1901 as well as other appropriate reports) • Additional research properly documented 1. Describe what challenges were identified by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for the safe use of autonomous vehicles. 2. Which challenges would be addressed using Lean tools and principles and how? 3. Compare and contrast the processes by which Tesla, and other companies are conducting road trials in the USA and elsewhere (i.e. South Australia). 4. Determine whether the NSPE Code of Ethics were potentially violated during the conduct of these trials, especially comparing Tesla and Waymo’s methods to validate autonomous transportation.

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