Blical Images and Metaphors for Small Groups

Gareth Weldon Icenogle emphasizes biblical images ad metaphors for the church and also applies them to small groups-the Body of Christ, the New Family of God, a Royal Priesthood, and “Stone-Building” (Icenogle 1994)-in an effort to describe their nature and function.

In this assignment, we will sek to discover which metaphors and images align most closely to our current congregational, or perhaps ministry, setting. Then we wl consider how the same metaphors and images might apply to small groups as we launch them into being. (A”small group” could mean board or staff, etc. If it is awkward to apply the biblical images and metaphors to your ministry setting, please adapt this assignment to your congregations existing small-group ministry-or the model for small-group ministry you created earlier when you did an assignment on small group ministry.

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Offer a full description of each of the four biblical images and metaphors-the Body of Christ, the New Family of God, a Royal Priesthood, and Stone-Building (Icenogle 1994). Identitify the image that aligns most closely with your current ministry setting and explain why it aligns most closely. Treat the topic of the “church” first, before addressing small groups.

Then address the value in helping groups conduct biblical studies of the metaphors and images that describe their nature and function.

Lastly, write an outline for an Inductive Bible Study lesson, using two of the four images or metaphors, creating at least six questions for each image or metaphor.

Compile your responses in 550 words. The paper is to be of academic quality that indicates its level of excellence through its presentation of clear, concise argument that is supported by academic resources. Paper should be written in Microsoft Word document. Please have typed in 12 hours from now.

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