Top 50+ Common Application Essay Prompts in 2020-2021

Top 50+ common Application Essay Prompts in 2020-2021

College application is a common practice regardless of the level. Most colleges across the globe accept college applications. In most instances, a college application requires 275- 650 words which are approximately 2 pages. Essay prompts allow the students to briefly tell their life stories in their voices.  Consistency and flexibility are therefore important to enhance the admission process. In this regard, 2020-2021 essays prompts are expected to remain similar to those of 2019-2020.

This blog post is here to guide college applicants in discovering unique topics for essay prompts at different levels.

Below is the principal purpose of the common app essay prompts.

  • To introduce yourself and list factors that makes you a deserving candidate for the college admission
  • To enable the admission officers, have a clear picture of who you are
  • To highlight some of your high school experiences
  • To assist the admission officers to analyze your ability to succeed in your college of application
  • To evaluate the applicant analytical skills, rational and writing skills
  • To test the applicant’s ability to respond to diverse prompts.

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How to Choose Common Application Essay Prompts?

  • Focus on a specific moment that changed you and represents your character.
  • Choose a topic that will help you stand out among other applicants.
  • Write about something that showcases your bad and good qualities equally.
  • Pick a genuine and relatable topic that is unique to your personality.
  • Think and write about what you did as a child that influenced your personality now.
  • Lastly, write about what makes you, you.

An essay prompt should answer the following common application questions

  • Who Am I?
  • Why Am I Here?
  • What is Unique About Me?
  • What Matters to Me?

Before beginning to write an essay prompt; first brainstorm on your topic, note down your ideas and some important events. Make it interesting to the reader.

Below are College Application Writing Prompts in 2020-2021

Prompt 1: Describe your background, identity, interest, or talent. Please share your story of life to tell who you are.

Prompt 2: Write your top 10 list.

Prompt 3:  Discuss a time where you challenged a belief and your pre-existing worldview.

Prompt 4: Discuss the major goals of your life.

Prompt 5: Tell us about a turning point in your life.

Prompt 6: Write about something you are passionate about

Prompt 7: Write about a failure that affects your personality.

Prompt 8: Mention a thing that changed your mind.

Prompt 9: Write about a problem that you have and want to solve.

Prompt 10: Choose a quotation that describes your personality and explain why you connect with it.

Prompt 11: If you have a chance to meet a person either living or dead for an hour, who would you meet?

Prompt 12: Reflect on a time where you had an option to either take a risk or stay safe. Discuss what you choose.

Prompt 13: Describe your most favorite book or movie where the main character has to make a difficult decision. Discuss what you think about their choice

Prompt 14: Discuss the moments that demonstrate your shift from child to adult within the family or community.

Prompt 15: Discuss something that makes you angry.

Prompt 16: Discuss the role of a specific activity in your life. It can include sports, theater, band, etc.

Prompt 17:  Write about the most embarrassing moment of your life. Discuss your learning experience from it.

Prompt 18:  Mention a book that you would recommend to others.

Prompt 19:  If you have to teach a class, which class would it be?

Prompt 20: Describe one thing that you want people to know about you.

Prompt 21:  If you are selected to give an important speech, what would it be about?

Prompt 22:  Write about the best advice that you have ever got. Discuss whether or not you have followed it.

Prompt 23:  If you would have been given the opportunity to change one day of your life, what would it be and why?

Prompt 24:  Discuss a specific objective that you want to achieve in college

Prompt 25:  Choose a Law and discuss why it is important to you.

Prompt 26:  What advice can you give to a high school student?

Prompt 27:  If you can time travel to any time or place, where would you go?

Prompt 28:  Why do you want to attend this college?

Prompt 29:  If you can stop one invention from being invented, what would it be?

Prompt 30:  Choose a topic, idea, or concept of your choice.

Prompt 31:  If you can add an amendment to the constitution, what would it be?

Prompt 32:  Describe a person in your life who has helped you understand yourself better.

Prompt 33:  Write about a time when you questioned a belief. Also, discuss how you have to be brave and stand up for what you have believed in.

Prompt 34: Tell us about someone you have spoken up for.

Prompt 35: Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding.

Prompt 36: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

 Prompt 37: The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

 Prompt 38: Describe a problem you’ve solved or a problem you’d like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma – anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution.

 Prompt 39: Describe a topic, idea, or concept you find so engaging that it makes you lose all track of time. Why does it captivate you? What or who do you turn to when you want to learn more?

Prompt 40: Share an essay on any topic of your choice. It can be one you’ve already written, one that responds to a different prompt, or one of your own design.

Prompt 41: What is one thing you want to accomplish in college?

Prompt 42: Talk about a person in your life who has helped you understand yourself better.

PROMPT 43: What do you want people to know about you but are afraid to tell them?

Prompt 44: Tell us about a time where you challenged your pre-existing worldview. Why? Would you do this again?

Prompt 45: Describe a facet of your identity, background, or story that is essential to who you are.

Prompt 46: Write about a time that you failed at something. How did that failure affect you?

Prompt 47: Write about a moment that illustrated your shift from child to adult within your community or family.

 Prompt: 48: Tell us about a time where you had to either take a risk or stay safe. What did you do? What happened? Would you do it again?

Prompt49: Tell us a “Eureka” moment that you had and what sparked it.

Prompt: 50: Write about your life goals.

Prompt 51: Talk about a personal accomplishment that is unrelated to academics, but that means a lot to you.

Prompt 52: If you could give any advice to an incoming high school student, what would it be?

Prompt 53: If you could time travel to any time and place, where would you go?

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Argumentative Essays


Argumentative essays are a common form of writing meant to sharpen the students’ argumentative skills. More so, they help the students comprehend the subject in question better.  To pick a strong topic, you must focus on the subject matter of a particular course.

Here is a guide on how to choose the best topic for your Argumentative Essay.

How to Choose Topics for Argumentative Essay?

When writing an argumentative essay, it is critical to choose a unique topic that feels right for you in regard to your academic level as well as your subject context.

You want to select a topic which you can easily access information and all data rather than the one with scarce information. First, you can brainstorm your ideas and do some brief research on your top 3-5 topics before settling on the topic to focus on.

On the other hand, you need to select a debatable topic that can interest both you and the reader. Here are the factors to consider while choosing your argumentative essay topic

  • Is the topic interesting to the writer? A brief outline, thorough research as well comprehensive writing is required hence, choose your topic wisely. It shouldn’t be a boring one.
  • Are you familiar with the topic? It is easier to write on a topic you are well versed on.
  • Can the topic generate a debatable thesis statement? Having an arguable thesis statement makes it easier for one to address the topic effectively.
  • Is the topic controversial? The best thing about choosing a controversial topic, it makes the reader curious enough to read as it is a subject of conflict interest. Besides, it makes the topic more arguable.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Different Levels

An argumentative essay is a common essay writing assignment done in schools from college to middle school level. To assist students in choosing the most interesting debatable topics, has prepared a list of several argumentative topic ideas. Select a hot topic that is within your ability to tackle.

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Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School


Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School


Argumentative Essay Topics for 6th Grade


Teenagers Argumentative Essay Topics


Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Looking for easy argumentative essay topics to choose from? has compiled several unique easy topics you can consider. Make sure you take a stand and debate why you consider it better than their counterpart.

Easy Food Essay Topics


Other Easy Argumentative Essay Topics


Best Argumentative Essay Topics

Choosing an amazing topic is critical in creating compelling content which can be interesting to both you and the reader. Great argumentative topics will definitely impress your professor, thus promising a good grade.

Have a look at some of the best argumentative essay topics from different fields. From here you can choose the right topic for you and begin your argumentative essay writing process.

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Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology



Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports


Argumentative Essay Topics On Education




Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media and Advertising



Argumentative Topics Social Issues

Argumentative Essay Topics American History

Music Argumentative Essay Topics


Argumentative Essay Topics On Immigration

Immigration argumentative essay topics can either be from past or current events. Choose hot immigration topics that are debatable and interesting. Below are some great argumentative essay topics on immigration to put into consideration.


Argumentative Essay Topics Animals

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics


Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

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Argumentative Essay Topics 2020

  1. Effects of terrorism on the foreign policy of the United States of America
  2. The pros of using gadgets for studying purposes.
  3. What is the most important socio-political movement of the modern era?
  4. Should animals be used for performing experiments?
  5. Are US elections always fair?
  6. Is the death penalty an effective punishment for criminals?
  7. Sports classes should become mandatory for everybody.
  8. Is it wise to replace soldiers with machines and artificial intelligence on battlefields?
  9. A woman who doesn’t have enough resources to raise a child to be allowed to abort?
  10. The best way to enhance education is to decrease the number of classes.
  11. Is religion a factor that contributes to war?
  12. Physical activities are the most convenient way to relax.
  13. The pros of using gadgets for studying purposes.

Argumentative Essay Topics 2021

  1. Capitalism should acquire more socially significant policies.
  2. Fast food is making America fat.
  3. Are smartphones harmful to our health?
  4. Using animals for research must be banned.
  5. Education needs to be free for all.
  6. Should all people pursue a university degree worldwide?
  7. Internet access must be unlimited and free.
  8. Parents need to be very friendly with their kids.
  9. Kindergartens must introduce foreign language instruction.
  10. Women perform better than men in official positions and occupations.
  11. Modern education has to eliminate grading systems.
  12. Is hunting good for environmental well-being?
  13. Is single-sex education still a good idea in 2020?
  14. Tourist tax is mandatory to save cultural heritage.
  15. One’s physical attributes have implications on the occupation.





10 tips to finish homework in college even when you do not feel like it

10 tips to finish homework in college even when you do not feel like it

As a college student, life can be quite busy. Balancing between school life, social life, & work is not an easy task. One may often find themselves at a rough edge trying to complete their assignments or projects in time. After all the struggles of getting your finances in order & paying your school fees, the last thing one would wish for is to miss submitting their homework in time and risk their final grade.

Do you get a little overwhelmed or just get lazy at the thought of doing those long research papers? Or are you the type to procrastinate working on that essay till the last minute? Well, guess you are not alone. Procrastination feels good until you experience the pressure of handling that 10-page assignment & delivering it 2 minutes to the deadline.

Deadline-induced panic is something you wouldn’t wish for yourself. Imagine being in the middle of your research paper, which is due in few hours, only to realize you got the whole concept wrong. That’s tragic, Right? Besides, who wants to keep contacting their professor for additional time deadlines? How long can you do so before painting a bad image of an irresponsible and lazy student? One has to choose between success or excuses.

The only way to stop stressing about a task is to do it. You can fix procrastination habits by having a strong support system & self-discipline.

Here is a list of strategies you can use to avoid last-minute rush:

Look for study partners

A study group as a tip to finish homework

A study group

Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your own for long hours doing those complex tasks or when developing a study guide for your finals? Try study partners. Talking of study partners, you may have areas you do not understand well which someone else in your study team understands better. Source help from them and have a better understanding of the concept. You can also consider assigning each individual a section of the task, then later combine & generate a comprehensive guide.

Make use of your smartphone

Never underestimate the power of your smartphone in aiding your studies. You could just be somewhere relaxed, waiting for your roommate to finish their soccer practice, then the thought of your pending assignment crosses your mind. It’s never too early to google and familiarize yourself with the answers to the questions given before beginning the actual work. This can act as a trigger to motivate you to work on the task immediately after settling down. Besides, you can use your phone to download notes and study anytime you feel like it.

Make It Fun

Some tasks can be boring. However, everything needs to be done, no matter how unpleasant they may appear. One of the options you have is to change your attitude toward the task. Make the task pretty fun and change the narrative. You may also consider inviting a friend who may be having some assignment to work on so they can psyche you up

Put your Music on

As much as music can be considered a source of distraction, it can also be a source of energy. A slight sound in Quiet environments actually causes more distractions than having some cool music playlist which you have already adjusted to. Besides alerting someone, music reenergizes you & gets you in the mood. Right music tune often triggers one memory during long hours of study or when writing a paper.

Use web apps

Did you know you can easily access web apps like Grammarly & Turnitin online from your browser? Grammarly aids your writing by clearly outlining mistakes where they appear. It also aids in identifying awkward phrasing & hard to read sentences, helps one save time, and enhances better usage and choice of words.

Set an Alarm

Setting the alarm may sound like a joke, especially if you are a pro at snoozing each alarm at every set interval. This is why programming your alarm is the best idea. Having an alarm that reminds you exactly what you need to do at a particular moment is the best idea to go with. Imagine having a programmed alarm that states, “ace your paper now and get to catch up with your friend at the beach.” cool, right?

Would you wish a simple assignment to limit you from spending time with loved ones? I bet not. A Self-reward system is the best way to manage your time and have you achieve a lot, not to mention having your final grades kept in check.

Recruit a Supervisor/tutor

Recruiting a supervisor invites better accountability. Sometimes, what you need is someone to start the gear so you can drive. A supervisor will regularly check on your progress to ensure you’re on task. It could be either a family member, a friend, or a partner. However, you must choose a serious person who is up to the task.

Start with your Least Favorite Work First

By doing your least favorite task fast, you get motivated to finish it up so you can do the tasks you perceive as interesting. Also, it helps to minimize stress & raise your confidence levels. Avoid procrastination at all costs. Completing the tasks that bother you the most boosts your productivity and urge to perform other assignments left.

Seek help when stuck

Seeking help is always the best option, particularly while stuck or when we are too engaged to do comprehensive research for that research paper or project. There is no shame in admitting that we are stuck. Besides, online platforms like essaysprompt have got more than enough tutors ready to step up & offer reliable help in a timely manner

Change Your Perspective

What do you do when you just don’t like working in your study space anymore? Monotony is something we can’t avoid. Working from the same space under similar conditions may turn boring to some extent. Maybe you are finding your working space just too dark, quiet, hot, or too loud. Do not hesitate to change the environment. Sometimes a little change is better & can highly impact on productivity. You can try working beside the beach, at your local coffee shop, from the nearby library, or just from the neighboring park for better results.

Take advantage of online platforms.

Speaking of online study platforms and programs, we have reliable academic help programs right at your disposal. Busy schedules might sometimes hinder you from completing your assignments in time. Did I mention the pressure of deadline-induced panic? Bet you wouldn’t like to handle such, especially if you have small kids to look after in your beautiful young family. Customessayusa is one of the best reputable sites to rely on in such circumstances.



Ways to Maintain Balance Between School, Work & Life

Ways to Maintain Balance Between School, Work & Life

We are all a little overwhelmed. The pressure to meet strict assignment deadlines, catering for school fees, and taking the best memories of your college life can immensely affect individuals’ mental well-being. Juggling between work, school, and quality social life can be a daunting task to have everything accomplished with minimal stress. Most students  end up  having trouble maintaining a balanced schedule.

Here are several strategies one can use to maintain sanity despite the tight schedules and crazy demands. 

Having an up to date schedule

Ever thought of having your school calendar app on your phone? Well, you should. Adding your semester class schedule and your assignment deadlines is the best way to plan and set time to meet all your daily targets. 

A well-written schedule will ensure you beat your homework deadlines, attend your gym session as well as doing your laundry. If you work for long hours and often miss your deadlines, you may also consider hiring researchers & have your academic burden off your shoulder. For instance, Essaysprompt researchers have highly experienced tutors from the best universities in the US, UK & Canada. It is important to maintain consistency throughout for better results.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is always a bad idea. Waiting for things to accumulate until the last minute grows your to do list to an intimidating level. Reading and doing research in advance will help minimize the chances of procrastination, thus allowing more time for social life. Besides, one gets more knowledgeable and is also able to meet deadlines. Also, resources like Gpatargeter & Customessayusa can enable one to read ahead by offering pasts questions & answers to aid in revision.  

Preserve time for yourself

Quality self-time to recharge is essential for your mental state & well-being. This may means taking time to relax, visiting family & friends, or even watching your favorite movie series. Once you have quality time, you may later embark on other pending school work and have them done in time.

Even though sometimes you may find it challenging to meet all your targets, you don’t have to stress so much as you can source help from online resources at your disposal like Essaysprompt homework help.

Being Future-focused

While we all want to have fine things in college, it is significantly important to focus on the main reason for being in school. To have a successful career, one must be knowledgeable in their field of study & must have acquired & developed skills to enhance that. Being future-focused will have you inspired and self-motivated to strike a balance in everything.

Quality sleep

Quality sleep is all you need to enhance your productivity. Sleeping 8 hours a day will promote a strong immune system and determine your mood for the rest of the day. A good day’s stay always starts in the morning. Working for long hours can drain your energy, more particularly when one doesn’t get enough sleep to recharge & regain their sanity. Always ensure you get quality sleep for better results in both your academics & work.

Become more efficient

Do you have distractions in school? It is important to note what obstacles hinder your ability to balance school, work & social life. If you find yourself spending more time on your phone or other unimportant things, consider cutting them off and having self-discipline in a bid to save time. Also, avoid multitasking as much as you can. Focus on one thing at a tie for better results. You can have some short breaks in between to check your emails & texts, so you don’t miss out on other important tasks.

Line up Your Work

Different tasks have different deadlines. It is important to have your term papers, projects, gym sessions, and other work-related events organized based on their due dates. Though in some instances, one may encounter very urgent assignments that are unscheduled for, that should not stress your guts. Urgent customized essays services are always available online with premium help.

It is also essential to regularly check your syllabus to get a clear idea of how different assignments are weighed from term papers, essays, projects, and end-term papers. Final exams & some important papers tend to make a significant impact on the final grade. By having assignments organized based on priority, one is able to focus on the most critical ones first & later have the other smaller papers aced with minimal stress. Besides, completing a 50 pages’ project paper & only having a 2-page essay to handle gives one a more relaxed time with less pressure.

Practice saying “No” when you should

Parting all night can sometimes be luring, especially when all your folks are party lovers. Well, having some fun time once in a while is good but do it moderately. Make your academics & work a priority. Besides, you can just have some good times with your friends for few hours but not necessarily all night.

On the other hand, saying yes to everything your employer imposes on you, even that which is not part of your contract, can be time-consuming & draining. While one may encounter good bosses, some are up to exploiting others & one may end up overworking. Practice saying no to some social events at work by talking to your manager & supervisors when you’re overloaded. 

Seeking Help

While we sometimes get afraid of asking for help, it is important to recognize that there is no shame in admitting we need help when we get overwhelmed in life. It is okay to request help. Essaysprompt online tutors are always ready to step once you get stuck in your academic work.

Also, one may consider consulting other students who may be more experienced than they are, coworkers, and professors. Furthermore, when we are bold, we tend to attract kind people who view our determination positively, thus offering a hand.

Also, customessayusa aims at helping determined students excel in their academic works by offering adequate resources & academic support to enable them to balance school, work, and social life. Learn more about our student services by visiting customessayusa today!

Liaise with your employer on flexibility

It is more likely that your employer wants you to excel in your studies. Talk to your employer about your studies. Make them understand how much value you can add to the office in line with your studies. Ask them to adjust work expectations. You can request for work-from-home days or even ask them to adjust your working hours to those that suit your academic schedule & work. Once you settle on work hours, ensure you maintain discipline at work as well as maximum productivity.

Staying healthy

We often underestimate the power of nutrition in our day-to-day life & its impact on productivity. While staying up late binge-watching and rushing to get that fast meal can be addictive, we risk our health & our production capacity. Eating healthy meals & exercising boosts our mental health, thus increasing productivity. 

Take advantage of online options if possible.

To assist in overcoming tight scheduling struggles due to other engagements like work, consider checking available Individual online classes and programs as alternatives at some point. Online help services, for instance, can be a good option. While some students have expressed hesitancy in seeking online help, most of them who end up using such platforms have expressed their contentment with the services.



How to write an illustrative Essay: Complete Guide

What does the Word Illustration Mean?

This refers to the principle aspect of using comparisons and examples to make clarification.  Take an example of a  illustration essay topic about the pressures encountered by college students. Some of the examples that can be used include peer pressure, financial constraints, society and family related issues.

What is an illustration Essay?

An illustration essay is a form of essay writing that uses  general principles of  comparison and already known examples to  bring out the  whole aspect  idea on a  given topic.

Why is an illustration essay important?

How to write an illustration essay

  1. Select atopic.  Choose a topic which is based on fact, identify the key points and note them down on a small piece of paper.   Essays prompt  have provided some sample topics below.
  2. Do some thorough  research on the topic. upon selecting a topic; it is important to conduct research and gather more information on the topic from other useful materials.  Research is important to allow one to gather facts and evidence.
  3.  Give an outline.  It is important to write an outline which can work as a guide throughout the essay writing process. Note the main points and use examples to illustrate.
  4.   Work on your content. The content should have an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.   Use the outline written to ensure nothing is left out. Use the paragraphs to explain the key points and examples identified.
  5.  Do the final touches and proofread your work. It is important to proofread the final essay before submitting your work. Use grammar and and free anti plagiarism tools correct any grammar mistake like wrong punctuations and spellings.

Components of an illustration essay



Body paragraphs


 Sample topics on illustration essay

  1. Explain the difference between a good leader and  a boss
  2. Pressures encountered by college students
  3. Charity as one of the most progressive form of the modern history
  4. Why people need US medical insurance
  5. Why environment  should be protected
  6. Is there any need of eco-friendly environment
  7.  The importance of electoral collage votes in the United State General elections
  8. Self development is a great way to succeed
  9.  Is is true that the customers are always right?
  10. What makes personal choice a critical aspect of human life.
  11. Why mental health is important during crises.
  12. Do the government need to go go harder in the implementation of gun laws?
  13. Why IT films must constantly improve their technology.
  14. Self-development is a great way to succeed
  15. Motivation helps college students accomplish large academic goals
  16. What makes personal choices a critical element of personal life
  17. Do the government need to go harder on crime related laws
  18. The importance 0of legislation in regulating LGBT culture
  19. Do the government need to go harder 9in implement crime-related laws
  20. How can the reduction of age on consent reduce teen pregnancy?
  21. Describe ways or tactics to reduce illegal abortion
  22. I s global warming a problem? Why or Why Not?

Sample of an illustrative essay

The advancement of technology in the past three decades has impacted many economic sectors globally. In particular, the tangible and intangible benefits brought by technology helps the business realize its goals and meet the customers’ demands appropriately. Moreover, Technology has numerous benefits that enhance success in business; This paper will discuss two of the standout benefits of using technology in business operations to maximize success.

Firstly, communication is the core factor of every business establishment. In business management, communication ensures that teams are working seamlessly irrespective of the geographical location, state or towns where the company affiliates are located. To accomplish this, technology has removed location barriers and made business operations flawless through the networked systems. Outstandingly, corroboration between the organization communication system and working teams is imperative in realizing success (Arasteh et al.) Similarly, communicating with customers requires robust systems for logistics, receiving, and addressing customers queries fast.

Secondly, data analysis powered by technology has revolutionized the way companies organize, disseminate, and interpret data. Significantly, with proper data analysis systems in place, business managers will be able to make informed decisions on customer preferences, behavior, consequently increasing profitability. To illustrate, ZARA, a leader in fashion business has harnessed data analysis technology to make targeted products for customers in specific locations(Aller). Through data collection and analysis ZARA knows each neighborhood’s average resident weight. Accordingly, armed with the data, the company can make and ship the right products for the customers of the targeted location. Above all, data analysis reduces waste, helps in making the correct marketing predictions and consecutively increasing the profit margins.