writers choice: any one of the first 3 options

Option One: Authenticity. Focus on Chapter Four in Flynns Existentialism: A Very Short Introduction. Discuss the themes of Bad-Faith, Authenticity, and the supposed moral imperative to becoming an authentic individual. Reflect on your own life. Do you aspire to be authentic? Why or why not? Do you feel that you are or have been inauthentic but emerging beyond inauthenticity to something else?

Option Two: Evaluation of a Consolation. We are scheduled to read about four consolations in de Bottons book, The Consolations of Philosophy. Your task for this option is to choose one consolation and discuss it fully using but not limited to the following prompts and questions:
1. Discuss the problem the consolation addresses, i.e., unpopularity, frustration, etc.
2. Discuss how the consolation tries to solve the problem, focusing too on the philosopher associated with the consolation. In other words, why is this consolation important to this philosopher and what does he suggest we do, or change the way we think, to solve the problem.
3. Engage in self reflection: how might this help you now or have helped you in the past. You may also write about another person, either real or fictional. You neednt disclose personal or private information. This is designed for you to apply this consolation to your own, or someone elses, problems.

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Option Three: A life worth living. Focusing on ideas in Existentialism and the consolations discussed by de Botton, map out what a life worth living might look like according to these ideas. You will want to consider the moral/personal aspects of existentialism, and you may choose any consolations you wish. You can also go into our other readings if you wish. Remember, existentialism describes our free, life constituting choices, among other things, and the consolation teach us what is and is not important. You should also provide your reader with some of you own insights into a life worth living.

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