Fire Safety

This assignment is for a unit called Building Regulation Studies, this unit is part of a course called construction management. This unit is related to the construction industry. This assignment must be done by someone in Australia, because this assignment is about regulations, and the regulations are different from other countries. This assignment also requires someone who is a specialist in the construction industry, and they must be from Australia, please. The topic of this assignment is about fire safety. The process of this assignment is in a form of questions, they give you 15 questions, and you have to answer those questions. I was told to instead choose an essay as my type of paper instead of questions and answers, so I chose an essay. There is no word limit, but as an estimation, I have decided to go for 4 pages (1100 words) which is what I think it should be around. Please note, this 1100 words doesn’t include the questions given, the 1100 words is for the answers that you have written only. Another helpful tool of information is BCA (Building Code of Australia), which could help you if you need info. I have uploaded the file for the assessment, it will explain what to do, and it will also include the questions of the assignment for you to answer. Please, if you don’t understand what to do, please contact me before starting so we can resolve the issue.

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