frequency distributions and descriptive statistics

Select two interval-ratio level variables from the course data set: GSS2018

Use SPSS to generate the frequency distributions and descriptive statistics (using Frequencies and Descriptives ). Refer to module 2 that shows how to construct a five point summary

Construct the five point summary for each of the variables you have selected

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Five point summary:

the sample minimum (smallest observation)

the lower quartile or first quartile

the median (the middle value)

the upper quartile or third quartile

the sample maximum (largest observation)

Discussion Post:

Present your two variables–explain what they are

Present the five point summary for each variable

Explain what the summary values indicate about each distribution

Synopsize the shape of the distribution in terms of skewedness and the degree of modality: Are the distributions relatively symmetrical or skewed? If skewed, what direction? Are the distributions strongly or weakly modal?

Respond to at least two other students’ posts with questions or comments about the variables they present

Go back to your post and review any responses posted by other students.  Reflect on the responses to your post and consider posting a reply

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