Hi, I need help with essay on Sales promotion and Management. Paper must be at l

Hi, I need help with essay on Sales promotion and Management. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
For instance, coffee is one of the most valuable import commodities in the whole of the United States of America.
To be able to cope with the demand resulting from the popularity of coffee as the most preferred beverage in the world, there have been numerous retail chains that have been established. There has been a remarkable and continued expansion of their operations in the sector. This paper will analyze and critically evaluate the various promotional techniques used in the sector and further evaluate their effectiveness. In addition, the issue of budgeting for the chosen promotional activities and the respective returns will also be discussed.
Large self-service retail chains or coffee shops have always provided customers with an experience. This is by the way they provide a wide range of innovative products and services, through well-targeted promotions that have an impact on their buying decisions. Some of the most common promotional techniques that are closely related to product trial include the use of free samples, bonuses, coupons, and discount on purchases and in the shop display. The main reason behind the use of trials is that they determine repurchase behaviour among consumers. In addition, they also mediate in the relationship between sales promotions and repeat-buying behaviour. Repeat-buying behaviour of customers is widely influenced by the values or tastes obtained and perceived on the product or the taste of the coffee in a given retail chain as commonly stated by many. Additionally, the product characteristics, knowledge, trial, availability and subsequent purchase factors influence the customers towards making re-buying decisions in relation to the type of promotional technique employed by the coffee chains.
Moreover, the decision by consumers to re-purchase the products on offer or in this case, revisit the retail chains is largely affected by customers’ level of satisfaction that is obtained from the products. It is also

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