How does Kara Walkers background impact her artwork?

Please answer these questions in a thoughtful manner using the provided articles. Answers should be in full sentences and paragraphs NOT one or two words! Be specific with your examples and connections and cite as appropriate.

Readings: Green, Laura. Stereotypes: Negative Racial Stereotypes and Their Effect on Attitudes Toward African-Americans. Perspectives on Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity. Vol. XI, No. 1 Winter 1998-99. Module 7: Module Text/Reading(s)

Rich Richardson. Kara Walkers Old South and New Terrors. Journal of Contemporary African Art.

1.We have considered myth in regards to The American Dream: are myths the creator of stereotypes and expected behavior? Can they counter traditional beliefs and ideals? How is a myth different from a stereotype? How do these two ideas connect to stereotypes of African Americans and the work that Kara Walker produces?

2.How does Kara Walkers background impact her artwork? How does the author Rich Richardson connect her own heritage and geographic place with Walkers?

3.The author Richardson talks about the idea of a persisting pornographic white Southern masculine imaginary: what does she mean by this and how does this play out in Walkers art and the authors own experiences – connect to Laura Greens discussion of stereotypes?

4.Kara Walkers art has been described as operating on a performative level and exploring power structures and relations from more than one perspective, what does this mean for the viewer? How does performance play a part in Walkers subject and representation?

5.What is the historical context of the silhouette and how does this choice of medium lend itself to the types of imagery Walker represents?

6.The articles and stereotypes discussed and represented have a strong reference to the body and its physical presence. Discuss this in the context of the stereotypes and Walkers continual play between past and present, fiction and reality, physical and silhouette.

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