Human Development Report (HDR)

Examine your table carefully to assess the reasoning behind your pick of nations and indicators.

The rationale for the selection of countries and indicators The countries in the table depict the world’s many continents. They are also selected based on the Human Development Index’s (HDI) ranking. On the other hand, the indicators are chosen to represent a variety of factors, such as socioeconomic level, environmental sustainability, and living standards. Examine the facts in your table and try to comprehend the information it suggests. In Austria (20), there are 51.4 doctors per 10,000 population, compared to 0.5 in Niger (189). The number of physicians increases with human development. Leads to improved health (2018). Employment at risk (as a percentage of all employment): 3.8 in the US (15); 89.0 in Niger (189). Lowered human development is caused by high unpaid employment. Hence, low levels of living. Rural population with access to electricity (%) in 2017: 100 in several nations (all extremely high and mostly high), 2 in Mozambique (180). high living levels as well as Consumption of fossil fuels as a percentage of global energy use (2010-2015): 97.8 in Syria (154), 93.0 in Japan (19), and 6.6 in Ethiopia (173). Consumption of renewable energy (% of all final energy consumed) in 2015: 92.2 in Ethiopia (173), 0.5 in the Syrian Arab Republic (177), and 6.3 in Japan (19). Carbon dioxide emissions per capita (tonnes) in 2016 were 0.1 in Ethiopia (173) and 15.0 in the US (15) in Niger and Ethiopia, respectively. Gross capital formation as a percentage of GDP (2015–2018): China (85): 44.3; Nigeria (158). Skilled labor force (% of labor force) (2010-2018): 99.9 in Japan (19) and 1.8 in Niger (189); 23, 30, 3, and 25. Dependency ratio (older adults 65 and over): 53.2 in Japan (19) and 5.1 in Mozambique (180).

Provide three significant observations or conclusions you have arrived at based on your analysis of the table.


  Human Development Report (HDR) Table 1: Human Development Index (HDI) Ranking

              HDI Rank Dashboard 1 Dashboard 4: Dashboard 5:
Physicians (Per 10,000 people)   Vulnerable employment (% of total employment)   Rural population with access to electricity (%)   Fossil energy consumption (% of total energy consumption)   Renewable energy consumption (% of total final energy consumption)   Carbon dioxide emissions Per capita (tonnes)   Gross capital formation (% of GDP) (2015-2018) Skilled labor force (% of labor force)   Dependency ratio (Old age 65 and older) (per 100 people ages 15-64)
Very High  
Norway 46.3 4.8 100 57.0 57.8 6.8 27.6 84.3 31.9
Germany 42.1 5.9 100 78.9 14.2 8.9 21.3 87.4 44.0

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