Leadership Mistakes in Managing Employees

Each student will be required to prepare an 8-10 page (excluding cover page and reference section) research
paper on a current supervision/management issue, i.e., managing employees, retaining employees, virtual
work teams, managing in a global environment, etc.

The paper is intended to allow students to demonstrate their understanding on current supervision/managerial
issues by providing an opportunity to apply decision-making, delegation, planning and strategic analysis to the

The paper is to be completed as a word document, double-spaced, 12 point font, double-spaced. All papers
must contain in-text citations and include a Reference section. The use of the textbook is the first resource to
be used. Any outside sources, website, books, articles, etc., must be cited in the text of the paper, in addition
to the Reference section of the paper. For assistance in completing the paper, contact the Harper Writing Lab
(refer to “Get Help” section of Blackboard). All papers are subject to SafeAssignment review. Any report of
plagiarism (10% or greater) will result in a grade of “F” for the paper.
The paper must include the following twelve (12) components/headers (excluding Appendices).
Headers are to be created as an abbreviated identification to the topics contained in a section, i.e.:
Introduction, topic Selection, Historical Overview, etc.
??Why the topic has been selected (topic selection)
??Discuss the background of the topic (historical review)
??How does the issue impact supervision/management today (what’s the significance / relevance to the
practice of supervision/ management today)
??What is the impact to supervision/management, employees and the business environment
??Compare and contrast how this issue has impacted at least two different businesses/organizations; create
a pro and con comparison
??What are the future implications for supervisors, managers, employees and the business environment
(using the companies selected, or for the overall discipline of management
??Recommendation (what changes need to be made to change/improve the current issue)
? As a supervisor/manager, develop a plan for business improvement. This includes steps and projected
time frames – Think SMART.
? Based upon the pros and cons identified how would you improve this area of management
??Summary of the issues presented
??Conclusion – what you have learned (using the business concepts in the text) about business,
Supervision/management, business organization, etc. for the topic or company selected
??References (end of paper; must match in-text citations)
??Appendices – optional (include graphs, charts, to demonstrate the process flow, theoretical model, etc.)
Follow the grading rubric to ensure that you have included all components of the paper. In addition to the
above 12 points, papers will be graded on format, content, logic, spelling and grammar as defined in the
grading rubric.

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Critical Analysis / Research Paper
Guideline for Writing the Contents of the Paper
Following is a guideline for content inclusion for the final Critical Analysis / Research Paper.
Students are to create the final document in Microsoft Word. All papers must contain APA
formatting for in-text citations and a Reference Section. Students are to conduct research using
outside resources, i.e., the Harper Library (Tom Goetz) – online or in person. Only referred,
professional sources are to be used, i.e., management periodicals, associations, white papers,
corporate or referred websites, etc. If you are unfamiliar how to conduct research on the topic you have selected, contact Tom Goetz at [email protected]. Additional information
regarding Harper Writing Lab, Purdue Owl Writing Lab and other student services can be found
in Bb.
Your role in completing this assignment is to educate the reader (the instructor). Do not
assume that I know what you are writing about. You must be specific in identifying who or
what you are writing about. Lead the reader through your paper in a logical and
comprehensive manner. The paper should be written from the 3rd person, and not 1st (I, me) or
2n person (they, our, us, he, she, them, etc.)
The following sections (several sections are combined) aare to be included in the content of the
paper. An Appendix section is optiona. Appendices include graphs, exhibits, attachments, etc.
and are addressed in the context of the paper, but are placed after the Reference section of the
paper. All appendices must be addressed in the body of the paper (See section below).
The “overview” of the following sections is being offered as a “guideline” to ensure that you
have an understanding of the expected level of information to be included, and is not intended
to be exhaustive of the information contained in each section.
Introduction – a brief synopsis of the topic that the paper will address (1 – 2 paragraphs).
Topic Selection – Why the topic has been selected – a brief overview of why the topic was
selected (omitting any reference to first or second person) (3 – 4 paragraphs)
Historical Overview – Discuss the background of the topic (historical review) – as you w will be
researching and writing on a supervisory/managerial concept, topic, or theory, you are required
to provide a historical overview of the topic including theorist, how long in existence, the
significance of the topic to the study of management, etc. (3 – 6 paragraphs)
Impact / Issues – You will discuss how the issue/topic impact’s supervision/management today.
You will want to discuss how prevalent the issue is in business today. How does the issue
impact supervision/management today (what’s the significance / relevance to the practice of
Supervision/management today). In this section you also want to include the impact to
employees and the business environment i.e., internal and/or external stakeholders (4 – 6
Situational Analysis (Current View) – You will spend a good amount of time researching ad
writing this section. You will compare and contrast how this issue has impacted at least two
different businesses/organizations. You may use your current employer as one, but you will
need to go outside of your organization or company to identify how this issue is handled by
another (or other) companies (4 – 6 paragraphs).
Future Implications – Discuss the future implications for supervisors, managers, employees and
the business environment i.e., internal and/or external stakeholders (2 – 3 paragraphs).
Recommendation – Discuss the changes needed to change/improve the current issue. You will
write this section from personal observation, but it will take on the 3rd person (no I’s, me’s,
they, our’s), i.e., “after 3 months of careful research and review it has been determined that the
following areas can be improved”; …”as a manger, the following would be recommended” as it
applies. It is expected that there may be one or two sentences that include “I”, but not the
entire section. As you identify the areas, provide at least 2-3 sentences on the “why” these
areas need improvement (2 – 3 paragraphs).
Implementation – As a supervisor/manager, you will need to develop a plan for business
improvement, following the concepts of planning, strategic management and SMARTness (3 – 4
Summary / Conclusion – you will present a summary of the issues presented ensuring that you
bring a conclusion to the paper. You will also include what you have learned — Personal
Reflection — (using the business concepts in the text) about business, management, business
organization, etc. for the topic or company selected (3 – 4 paragraphs).
References (in-text and end of paper) – you will use at least 5 references to complete the
paper; remember your textbook is your first reference.
Appendices (include all graphs, charts, attachments as needed) – all items must be addressed in
the body of the paper.
Review the sample paper provided for the expected ‘tone and flow’ of the contents of the
All writing must be original. You are not to copy material from the Internet or another
student. You must read the information, paraphrase (put it in your own words), write
the information and cite the source. NOTE: You will have a project full of in-text
citations. See the APA PPT, Purdue Owl website, and the Sample Paper provided as a
guide. No two students write alike. I am not looking for ‘cookie-cutter’ papers. I am
looking for your original writing that represents a synthesis of research collected.
? All papers are subject to a 10% allowable ‘plagiarism’ rule. The references that you
create in the Reference section of the paper are not considered plagiarized information.
Any paper with a SafeAssignment Report of greater than 10% is subject to a grade of
F. As appropriate, deductions will be made for papers with an indication of plagiarism
of greater than 20% (includes the reference section).
? Any paper that does not meet the minimum requirement (8 – 10 pages) will be deemed
incomplete, with a grade that reflects less than full completion.
? Students are not to use their own company in the pro or con scenario. All scenarios
must represented ‘researched’ companies that can be cited.
? Be specific in your writing, and avoid the use of me, I, we, them, or us. Use the article
‘the’ to describe, i.e., ‘the company’, ‘the products’, or ABC Company, etc.
? You are to incorporate/use five (5) outside sources as a reference. You are not to use
Wikipedia or a blog as your source.
? Use the sample paper provided as a guide for content and structure. NOTE: the
formatting of the in-text citations or Reference Section are not correct. You are to use APA formatting.

Ensure that you are meeting the requirements of the rubric. This includes doublespacing,
indentation of paragraph, extra lines/spacing (in content and at the end of
paragraphs); spelling/grammar and formatting of in-text citations and references.

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