Performance Motivation & Managing Change Paper
To successfully complete this assignment, you will research one of the following theories discussed in Chapter 8 of Covell and Walker (2013)
-Goal theory
-Reinforcement theory
-Needs theory
-Expectancy theory
• You should read the explanation of each theory in Covell and Walker (2013) and
• Decide which theory best aligns with his/her own preference of motivation style.
• After choosing a theory, you will research peer-reviewed articles discussing the theory and
• Write a literature review.
• Create 5 practical implications or recommendations for how this type of motivational theory can be implemented and positively impact a Professional Sport Organization (e.g., NBA, or NFL ) that they would like to work for in the future.

PLEASE NO Casual language avoid in academic writing.

You must write the paper with the following main sections: Introduction, Literature Review, Implications, Conclusion, and Reference Page.
Also, include the purpose statement that specifically states,
Example: “The purpose of this research is to…” (Please include example statement in the paper).
• Please review the APA Manual for considerations for writing an introduction.
• The introduction should state the purpose of the research and/or “the specific problem [or concept] under study and describe the research strategy” (APA Manual, 6th ed., 2010).
• Please also address the following questions:
1. why are these concepts important,
2. the significance of the research.
3. You are justifying the need to examine the topic.
4. PLEASE explain in detail that specifically states and include your research strategy in the paper. (Look at example above)

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Review of Literature:
• The literature review is one of the most important elements of your research paper.
• It provides a detailed overview of the academic literature (refereed journal articles) appropriate to your topic.
• It is not simply a rehash of what you have read, but rather you are highlighting and linking what you have read to the overall purpose of this paper.
• You will use the bulk of your academic refereed sources in this section of the paper ( You may access a few guides for writing literature reviews and some sample literature reviews using the following link I recommend the UNC-Chapel Hill guide, the UW Madison guide, and the UC Santa Cruz guide.
Implications or Recommendations:
In this section,
• It is helpful to begin the recommendations section with a sentence stating something like, “Based upon the literature, the following recommendations are provided…..
• Please generate, coordinate, and detail 5 recommendations that will assist sport administrators to better motivate employees in sport organizations.
• Please answer the questions of how the principles in the literature can be utilized to more effectively motivate those in sport settings.
Please review the APA Manual for considerations for writing a conclusion.
• The conclusion of the paper should summarize the main findings of the research and discuss the limitations of the research. Also, ideas for future research should also be discussed.
Adherence to Guidelines:
• This paper should be 7 FULL typed pages with double spacing between paragraphs.
• DO NOT indent paragraphs and pages should be numbered.
• The paper should be typed in Arial fonts at 11 points.
Overall Quality & Structure:
• The paper should be free of spelling and grammar errors.
• It should flow properly and be clear, concise, and written in a professional manner.
• You should use headings and subheadings as described above and as needed.
• You should include a reference page in APA 6th edition format.
• The reference page does not count toward your typed page limit.
• You should write for quality and clarity rather than quantity.
APA 6th edition/Use of Sources:
• The paper should be formatted in APA 6th edition formatting and
• Should include a minimum of 7 peer-reviewed sources.
Should NOT have direct word for word quote. Your in-text citation needs to include quotation marks and a page or paragraph number that the quote came from. Failure to do so is considered plagiarism.

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