Shots to protect against HPV should be mandatory for all women

A3r-et Topic 2: Marijuana should be legal in all states
O,{ct~~i Topic 3: Obesity is a disease
You will be assigned a ‘side for each topic ….. sides will be decided randomly via a
drawing. The most effective way to make valid points during the debate is to
support them with evidence. Therefore, you are expected to ‘back your
statements with evidence. This means, youll need to research each topic!
Opinions :t Evidence!!
For each topic, you should come to class (on 11/19) with ~tyi?.i!iJdocument (in
bulleted form) outlining the ‘points you are going to make. You should have a
l1!MlM.li_M of 5 points for each topic and must include a reference for each point
~- … …. .. ~~-~ …. ==~~ -~- ~= ~
you make.
When typing up your document, make sure you disclose what ‘side you are on
(agree or disagree).
Grading of the class debate will be as fo llows:
• 15 points for class participation. You should TALK multiple times!!!!
• 10 points for your document that includes points you want to make.
Remember, the points you make should be supported with
evidence/research from reputable sources (references should be included
for each point). Grammar, spelling, professional writing count, even though
it will be bulleted.
Lets have fun with this! !!! As always, this will be a respectful, professional debate

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