TATA Strategy Simulation Exercise

Wk2 Paper

TATA Strategy Simulation Exercise

TATA Strategy Simulation Game Paper

The game is designed to explain the use of economics in managerial decision makingbased on the simulation.

1.    Try alternatives. Play it again. Get the most that you can from it. Look at choices and try to understand the difference in results.

Each individual is to write a 4-5 page review (one inch margins, Times Roman 12 point font, double-spacing). The cover page, reference list, and appendix are not part of the page count. All graphics should be placed in the appendix. 
Use APA format for in-text citations and the reference list.

2.    Your paper should describe your playing of the strategy simulation game, including:

a.    What pricing and other decisions you made in the different market structures,

b.    Give specific details of the results you obtained and alternatives you looked at while playing the simulation. Discuss why one decision is more appropriate than others.

c.    How your experience relates to what you have learned in the assigned readings

3.    Provide sufficient detail so the reader knows 
which industry structure scenarios you made specific strategy decisions for and how the concepts, tools and frameworks from the assigned readings and/or input from prior courses supported those decisions.

TATA Simulation Strategy Model



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