Teen Suicide Rate/Addiction as a Disability/Childhood Depression/Childhood immunizations (Are they safe?)/Childhood Obesity

Critical Thinking Assignment

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student to apply the concepts of critical thinking.

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APA Guidelines:
1. Use the 6th edition, either from a text or from the OWL Purdue website
2. The paper must be 4-6 pages in length
3. You must have a title page, Running head, correct margins (with one inch margins on all sides), double spacing (remember to take the extra spaces out between paragraphs), and page numbers
4. Use a Times New Roman 12 point font
5. You my use first and second degree level of headings within the paper
6. You will need an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph
7. A minimum of three (3) reference articles are required
7. You must have in-text citations and a reference page

Writing Conventions:
Writing conventions are the mechanics of your sentence structure (punctuation, run on sentences, short choppy sentences), spelling, grammar, and clarity of writing.
Steps to follow to be successful with your paper.

1. Select one of the following topics or choose a topic and obtain instructor approval:
• Teen Bullying
• Teen Suicide Rate
• Addiction as a Disability
• Childhood Depression
• Childhood immunizations (Are they safe?)
• Childhood Obesity

Use Paul and Elders Guide to Analytical Thinking to evaluate your critical thinking.

2. Use the questions below to guide the body of your paper. Be sure and include an introductory paragraph that introduces your audience to your topic. Include a concluding paragraph that sums up your paper.
Body of the Paper:

1. Purpose: What is the goal or objective that you want to achieve in writing your paper? Who is your audience?
2. Question at Issue: What is the information that you have heard in the media or community related to your topic?
3. Based on this information only, what is the point of view that you most identify with and why?
4. Information/Interpretation: Look in the research data bases
a. How your topic is defined?
b. Specifically, what are the causes (environment, social, person, etc.)
c. Who does this problem effect?
d. What are the consequences of the problem to the person, family, and society?
e. Include differing points of view from the articles you have researched.
5. Interpretation and Inferences: What is your interpretation of the data provided in research?
a. Identify and describe 3 solutions for this problem that you found in the research that you gathered.
b. Choose 1 that you identify as the most effective and explain your rationales including possible implications and consequences
6. Assumptions: What assumptions did you make about the problem before you researched the issue? Compare and contrast your assumptions with what you found in the research. How has this affected your original point of view?

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