What should be done to control corruption internally?

  1. What should be done to control corruption internally? Does the attitude of the chief make that much difference in a large or small organization? Do additional internal policies concerning corruption really matter? How should internal affairs units be staffed and managed (specifically, how could you make this assignment more desirable)? How can the “Blue Curtain” be opened? Why does it exist? What other internal measures can police departments undertake to reduce corruption?
  2. What are the prevalent theories of corruption? Which theory makes the most sense to you and why?
  3. How is “accountability” defined? What are the three dimensions of police accountability? What are some examples of each of these measures? What are the three “E’s” and how do they conflict?
  4. Why is routine supervision so important in relation to police accountability? What impact does organizational culture have upon police accountability? What advantage does close supervision have? What proposed policies may have an impact on agency use of force? What problems have been identified concerning performance evaluations for law enforcement officers?

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