Write 1 page essay on the topic Discussion Question 1. The three versions of lov

Write 1 page essay on the topic Discussion Question 1.
The three versions of love described in Plato’s Symposium differ significantly. Phaedrus’ version of love is centered on gods whereas Phaedrus and Aristophanes’ versions overly exemplify the doing of good for men and women. However, all versions contain an element of emotional feelings/attachment or admiration which ostensibly appears to have somewhat informed the contemporary definition of love. Phaedrus asserts “Love will make men dare to die for their beloved-love alone. and women as well as men” (Benjamin N.p). His definition of love is more centered on romance hence more supportive of my contemporary understanding of love.
Love is often a contentious matter that touches on several aspects of life and thus attracts the attention of philosophers. The speakers in Symposium suggest that love is worth discussing probably to segregate it from lust and infatuation. Love lingers in the memories of many and the philosophers’ efforts to derive an ostensible, single definition of love fails due to the differences in social settings and upbringing. Individuals grow in different social settings that hugely impacts and influences their interpretation and understanding of love. The imprecision of love is thus attributable to the differences in social settings.
Benjamin Jowett. “The Internet Classics Archive | Symposium by Plato.” The Internet Classics Archive: 441 Searchable Works of Classical Literature. N.p., n.d. Web. 7&nbsp.May&nbsp.2015.

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