#3 Performance Management and Employee Services

Group Project 1-2 pages and 3 Slides
You and the other members of the HR team have conducted an analysis of your organization and found that performance management processes are highly inconsistent among departments. Some departments have a process of a formal annual appraisal, while other departments do not provide employees with any documented feedback on their performance. Also, some departments have a process of documenting employee performance issues; others seem to follow a process of no documented warnings before recommending termination.
Your team recognizes the benefits of establishing a developed performance management program and will present its plan to the CEO next week.
Individual deliverable (1–2 page Word document): (50 points)

Using the Internet and the library, locate information on performance management systems.
Choose one type of program and describe it for your colleagues.
Include a real-life example of an organization that currently uses or has used this type of program.
Be sure to include how this program handles performance appraisals and the disciplinary action and performance coaching processes.

Please add your file.
Group deliverable (7–9 slide PowerPoint with notes): (100 points)
After all team members have read one another’s reports on different performance management systems, use the Small Group Discussion Area to reach a consensus about which program to use. Once you have decided on a program, develop a detailed plan to present to your CEO. This plan should address the following:

What value does a performance management program bring to the organization?
Which performance management programs did you consider?
Which programs did you select, and why?
How will the new programs be communicated to employees?
What type of training will be provided for managers?
What are the possible consequences of inadequate performance reviews?
What additional issues or challenges need to be considered with the implementation of these programs?

Discussion Board 4-6 paragraphs
Post your ideas for the top 3 career development activities that you think organizations should provide for their employees and address the following questions:

Why are these important?
How would you measure a program’s effect on performance?
What do today’s employees expect from their employer in terms of career development?
What do other stakeholders of the organization expect?

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