A short business law paper

A major goal of the course is to help you develop the ability to identify situations where legal issues could arise so that you can make informed decisions and effectively manage risk in the business world. To develop this “issue spotting” skill, you must maintain a mindset of legal awareness. This requires you to think about concepts studied in the course outside of the classroom.
For this assignment, find one article online that relates to a topic we have studied in this course. The article should expand on a topic discussed in class and provide a useful example of how the law impacts business activities and individuals. You can use any reliable online source for your article. You can use news websites such as cnn.com or wsj.com, websites like insidecounsel.com, or even blogs.
Your response should include the following elements:

A link to the article you found;
A brief overview of what your article is about (summarize in your own words; do not copy and paste from the article);
A discussion of how the article relates to class; and
Why you think the article is important or helpful to future managers, entrepreneurs, or others in the business world.

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