Accounting Project – Read Description for details *company can not be Harley Davidson*

Part A

Description of company (10-15 sentences)

Chart of stock prices over the last ten years (graph from yahoo finance/ line graph of stock price overtime)

Analyze above (3-7 sentences)

Dividened policy (1-2 senetnces, do they pay dividends if yes then how much)

Calculated 9 ratios for the company (show formula and calculations)

Analyze above (6-15 sentences)

Create a common size Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Analyze above (3-7 sentences)

Create a trend analysis of Revenue, Total Assets and Total Equity (for the last 5 years)

Analyze above (5-10 sentences)

Summarize 8 news articles (10-45 sentences and list of the articles)

Part B

Conclusion (is your company improving or declining? Explain your conclusion)

one senetence on your opinion

one or more sentences on the reason for your opinion

identify 4 or more factors on your opinion

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