Adopt a Police Department

 The paper should be 1150 words long. Describe Los Angeles, CA police department (e.g., is it a big or small department? number of officers, command structure, etc.). Describe the community the department serves (e.g., upper/middle/lower class, racial/ethnic structure, younger v. older population, etc.). What seems to be the major problem(s)/issue(s) that the police must deal with? Please cite in APA style the reputable sources you use to describe the police department and the area (e.g., academic studies on this department, police department website, FBI statistics, Census statistics, news reports of major issues in the area). Also, be sure to incorporate the material covered in the lecture. Note: Absolutely no quoted material shall be used in your paper. The assignment must be paraphrased in your own words with proper paraphrase citations. i.e., (Ruiz, 2008). There must be at least one paraphrased citation in each paragraph of the paper except for the Abstract, Introduction, and Conclusion letting the reader know the source of the information contained in that paragraph. Proper citations and references are expected. This site also provides excellent citation and reference guidance. Do not use the phrase “looked at” unless it is a personal visual observation. Although this is commonly used by academics to describe a review or study, this is improper terminology. Papers submitted below the required length will receive an appropriate grade reduction for this deficiency. Do not write in the first person. Speak of yourself or your position as “It is believed” or “Evidence suggests.” Do not import tables from your journals into your papers. You may use tables that you have created. If you do use tables you have created, remember that all elements of the table must be completely explained in your paper.

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