Book review on the book “if I die in a combat zone: box me up and ship me home” by Tim O’Brien


A book review is essentially a short critical essay on a highly specific topic/text. The purpose is to provide a critical analysis of the author’s argument and the book in general. You will normally begin by briefly summing up what the book is mainly about and explaining what interpretation(s) the author is advancing. You need to do this in order to be able to analyze the argument made in the book. But a review that is mostly or merely summary is insufficient and will not pass muster in grading. The most difficult – the most substantial – part of a review is engaging the author’s main argument(s) and presenting a critical commentary. -Assess author’s analysis and presentation of evidence. -Offer your considered evaluation of the argument and evidence (or lack thereof).To do so effectively you need to discover the books’s primary thesis and main supporting arguments. What key questions does the book raise? Does the author offer any answers? If so, are these contrived, insightful, informative, doctrinaire, agnostic? What kind of sources are used? What kind of evidence is provided? Does the historical evidence offered substantiate the main argument, only weakly support it, or perhaps contradict it? If the book is arguing a point of view (not all do), is it persuasive? How does the author establish validity of his/her thesis? Can you identify any flaws in the book (ideas, evidence, style, presentation)?Now you should be ready to “pass judgment” on the book as a work of history (or historical literature). This must not be “I liked it” or “I did not like it.” It must be a well-argued consideration of inherent qualities and shortcomings, of its depth (or shallowness) and breadth (or narrow focus); writing style; quality or paucity of evidence; accessibility to general readers or only a specialized audience; its contribution (if any) to a reader’s understanding of war.**Extensive plagerism check done in class 25% of all essays are collected and inspected. Please be careful. Concentrate on analysis not description. HOW TO ACCESS FULL ONLINE PDF: it is the first document on “recommended documents” full text and its free safe download please read the book I got a B from the previous book review you 

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