Career Path

Here are some additional places to LOOK: Social work websites.docDownload Social work web sites.doc

The purpose of this assignment is to explore career paths in the Social Service field.  The job announcements will expose you to the vocabulary of the industry, point out education and experience requirements, and give you an idea concerning salary offerings.  From these job announcements many students have set up informational interviews, found internships, and jobs.  The announcements can be for your dream job or what you hope for within the next few months or years.

The document you will submit for 20 points is a list of jobs you found, their locations, education and experience requirements.  Type out a list.

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Sample Job Search assignment; This student listed 20 jobs and gave the position title, the name of the business, the address, the salary, the hours, the qualifications, and the experience followed by a brief description of duties. At the end of the 20 job announcements, they followed up with a few paragraphs of what they found. I only included the first paragraph and “x” out the information.

Student’s Name Here

SSMH 100


Career Path Job Search

1. Social Worker LICSW

Wellfound Behavioral Health Hospital – Tacoma, WA 98405

Job details

Salary: $60,000 – $101,000 a year

Job Type: Full-time


Experience: Social Work, 3 years (Required)

Education: Master’s (Required)

License: Washington LICSW (Required


1. Youth Education Advisor

Metropolitan Development Council – Tacoma, WA 98402

Job details

Salary: $18.02 an hour


Experience: Two years of experience with career/college planning and/or experience working with individuals from low income, first generation backgrounds attain college admission.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Social Work , Counselling or related field.

License: Have valid/current WA state driver’s license, reliable means of transportation and personal auto insurance.

Etc….. 1-20…..

Then they gave a summary and shared their findings with a few paragraphs:


By doing this research, it looks like the careers I am most interested in and that seem life-giving to me will need a Bachelor’s degree in Social Service Mental Health. I found, in general, that with an Associate’s degree I can secure a job is Human Services as a therapist, advisor, mentor, and employment consultor with pay from XX – XX $/HR (in general- $XX.XX/HR). With a Bachelor’s degree I can secure a career in Human Services as a resident monitor, program …etc…

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