Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Biofuel production from waste wood. However

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Biofuel production from waste wood.
However, wood pellets have drawbacks including requirement for large storage facilities and continuous removal and control of ashes (Chen, 2009, p 2). It is indispensable to comprehend that use of wood pellets as a substitute energy source to fossil fuels remains essential in significant reduction of global warming effects and minimal emissions of green gases.
The report aims at understanding the life cycle of wood pellets and its contribution to environmental degradations. In addition, the report provides an assessment of wood pellets life cycle in relation to its human effects. Besides, the fundamental objective of the report is to assist wood pellets producers in communicating with customers. Moreover, the producers would also ensure better environmental management.
Life cycle assessment (LCA) relates to an environmental evaluation device that focuses on analyzing environmental impacts associated with use of a process or product within its entire duration or life. The inherent assessment remains achievable through creation of a systematic model that can carry out quantification of energy and materials consumption and calculation of released wastes and emissions (Manyele, 2007, p 142). Such computation of effects occurs of life cycle of the process or product from raw materials extraction, production, transportation, reuse and use phases, and consequent recycling stage. Therefore, there exist four significant steps in performing LCA including last step called interpretation, life cycle impact assessment, inventory analysis, and the first step being goal and scope definition. Assessment of wood pellets life cycle is domineering in quantifying and analyzing its global warming potentials in comparison to fossil fuels. Moreover, the assessment remains vital in communicating with customers that constantly uses fuels and more importantly to investigate impacts of the energy on the environment.
The diagram below illustrates the

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