Conflict Management

This project will assess your understanding and management of conflict through a presentation or paper outlining a personal or professional conflict you were involved in or helped to mediate.
The conflict you select should have three distinct stages:
1. Initial Conflict (What started the issue and what initial steps were taken to resolve it?)
2. Escalation (Why did the initial conflict balloon into something bigger?)
3. Resolution (How was the conflict eventually resolved and what were the results?)

The project cab be submitted in one or two forms:
A multimedia presentation
a. The presentation should last between 10-15 minutes and include detailed presentation notes with the slides
b. The presentation should be supported by 3-5 references, presented on a single slide in APA format
A 10-12 page essay
a. The essay should be double-spaced with 1 inch margins and should be written in Times New Roman 12 point font
b. The essay should be formatted in APA format with 3-5 references

Presentations and papers should be structured around and contain the following topics:
1. Outline of the Conflict: Identify the issue that began the conflict, the players and their roles within the conflict, the severity of the conflict, and your personal role in the conflict at the initial stage.
2. Identification of the Conflict: Identify the type of conflict (value, structural, data, relationship, or interest) and support the identification with evidence from the conflict.
3. Initial Management of the Conflict: Discuss the initial steps used to manage the conflict and the form of management taken (accommodation, avoidance, competition, compromise, collaboration, or a combination of these).
4. Escalation: Identify why the initial method of conflict management failed and why the conflict escalated. Be sure to examine closely the roles that emotion, intimacy, and relationships played at this stage.
5. Outcomes: Assess the potential outcomes of the conflict after it escalated. Describe a possible outcome for each of the three scenarios: win-win, win-lose, and lose-lose.
6. Mediation: Discuss the necessity of having a mediator, assess what kind of mediator could have been used in this conflict, and describe the possible benefits and drawbacks of mediation for this case.
7. Resolution: Describe how the conflict was resolved and whether the resolution was effective. Map out the actual or potential results of the resolution on a timeline.

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