correlational study or experiment

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Overview: Psychological and medical studies are commonly discussed in the media. Often, the general public hears about these studies through popular press articles. It is our responsibility to critically evaluate whether the conclusions being drawn by these popular press articles are consistent with the data from the original research. The goal of this paper is to practice critical thinking and summarizing research articles.

Instructions: For this assignment, you will be reading 2 articles: 1 popular press article and 1 peer- reviewed research article. These documents are available on Canvas along with the grading rubric.

  1. Read the research article (Roberts & David, 2016) paying close attention to their research design (correlational study or experiment) and findings.
  2. Read the popular press article (NY Post) paying close attention to how the findings of the research article are interpreted and described. Review what you learned from lecture regarding research methods and causality.
  3. Write your paper. ( I attached my lucture notes so you can view what we are talking about in the class)

Formatting guidelines:

  • ● 2-3 pages long
  • ● Double-spaced
  • ● Size 12 Times New Roman font
  • ● 1” margins Use the following outline:
  • ● Summarize the research article. o Make sure to identify the hypotheses, subject variable(s), the design of the study, and the outcome. o Explain whether and how the outcome of the study supports the researchers’ hypotheses.
  • ● Summarize the popular press article. o Note any statements or conclusions that imply causality.
  • ● Evaluate whether the press article provided an accurate report of the research study.

o Consider whether the author used any language that implied a causal relationship between the variables that were studied.

o Describe if these were justified based on the study design (why or why not).
o Provide an alternative explanation about why phubbing may result in lower relationship

satisfaction (other than phubbing causes relationship problems).

Additional guidelines:
● Use your own words. Avoid quotes.

o You are only allowed up to 2 quotes in the entire paper if necessary. These quotes cannot be longer than 1 sentence.

o Paraphrase the authors’ ideas carefully.

PSY2012 | Spring 2020 | Goodman

  • ● Be clear.
    o Make sure your main argument is clearly identified.
    o Give concrete examples.
    o Make sure each paragraph makes a clear point.
    o Make sure the ordering of points from paragraph to paragraph is logical.
  • ● This is a formal, college level paper. Proper spelling, grammar, style, and writing quality are all important and part of your grade evaluation.

Grading Rubric

  1. Article summary (16 pts)
    1. (4 pts) Correctly identifies the focus of the research article
    2. (4 pts) Provides coherent summary of the research article
    3. (4 pts) Accurately and comprehensively identifies and explains study hypotheses and relevant variables of the research article
    4. (4 pts) Accurately and comprehensively explains study results based on the research article
  2. Evaluation of articles (24 pts)
    1. (4 pts) Describes the difference between a correlation study and experiment.
    2. (4 pts) Identifies which kind of study was represented in the research article and provides sufficient justification for choice
    3. (8 points) Evaluates conclusion made in popular press article
    4. (8 points) Provides alternative explanation for results
  3. Overall writing quality (10 pts)
    1. (1 pt) Logical flow of ideas. Order and content of paragraphs provide a coherent narrative
    2. (2 pts) Proper spelling, grammar, and syntax
    3. (3 pts) Proper format, correct length, APA-style References section
    4. (2 pts) Proper citation of all in-text references to external information
    5. (2 pts) No quotes and no heavy paraphrasing.

TOTAL: 50 points

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