Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Unit 4 a. The intensity of an ethical

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Unit 4 a.
The intensity of an ethical issue rests on the effect of a decision to the most number of people—or most number of stakeholders. The more stakeholders are concerned, the greater the scope which is to include the whole society, the more people to incorporate the decision which will determine its acceptability,
thus determine its intensity as an ethical issue. In starting up with using an ethical decision-making framework, the stakeholders are first identified. The intensity of the ethical issue rests on the effect to most number of people, which is why it is one of the inputs to be considered.
The system in which will determine the output or a decision will be determined by the interaction of the organizational factors and individual factors. For one, the individual factors will determine the values, interests and other personal factors that will influence his or her decision. Apart from these values, the context the organizational factors provide will guide as to what individual values will be acceptable in coming up with a decision. The pressure in order to conform to a higher set of values which is determined by the organizational factors will set the gears of the decision-making process. According to these larger set of values, which of an individual values is seen as more important to be emphasized and taken in consideration when coming up with a decision? The interaction of these will establish a system.
The upcoming opportunity to an organization is seen to provide benefits to the organization. The opportunity is considered an input because of the benefits it can provide for the organization. With these benefits, the interests of different stakeholders will be determined, and up to what point an interest will be served by the benefit. As for the equality of the distribution of benefits to different stakeholders, this will be the result of interaction of the

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