Critical Rhetorical Criticism (queer rhetorics)

For this assignment, choose an artifact/text for rhetorical criticism. This artifact can come from any genre that interests you. The most important thing about your text is that it serves as a lens for discovery to say something broader about the world we live in. Meaning, not interested in how you think/feel/believe about an issue or ideology, or whether or not it is “successful or not” — make an argument about how this text/artifact “does something” for the world. Does it coerce, adopt, subvert, etc…… CHOOSE TO GO THE : Ideology Critique,  You, via the text/artifact you have selected, will argue and critique an ideology, most likely a dominant one.Your argument will be to explain how the artifact manages to do this. If you make this type of argument, you will need to be very clear regarding the specific ideology in question. So, are you offering a feminist, queer, social movement, or critical race critique about “what…. An example:Not Rhetorical Criticism: Bert and Ernie are a same sex coupleRhetorical Criticism: The decision by Sesame Street to cast and showcase the possibility of a same sex couple is instrumental in creating popular culture narratives of acceptance and diversi-ty; specifically, this decision challenges normative heteronormative children’s programming…. he Final Paper requires you to find and incorporate outside sources in relation to the theoretical grounding of your argument. If you use a concept covered only in class discussion in your analysis, find outside scholarly sources that discuss that concept….

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