Describe the meaning of the politics–administration dichotomy.

Paper details SHORT ANSWER (2-3 Sentences)

1. Describe the meaning of the politics–administration dichotomy. 2. Define the term of administrative ethics and discuss whether and why (or why not) administrative ethics are necessary in public organizations. 3. What is the Hatch Act, and how did it affect public employees? 4. Why is it important for a manager to understand financial management? 5. What is the silver tsunami and what steps should government take to address it? 6. What is satisficing? 7. How are information and values important to the decision-making approaches? 8. What is incrementalism? 9. What is the NIMBY phenomenon? 10. What four groups might take part in participative decision making? 11. Who coined the term neutral competence and what is it? 12. What is the biggest difference between horizontal and vertical coordination? 13. In the context of interagency coordination, what is the “clearance procedure”? 14. Are iron triangles dangerous to government (make sure your answer defines iron triangles)? 15. What is results-based management? 16. What are formal program evaluation and results-based management? What are the main differences between these two approaches? 17. Is contracting out always cheaper than performing the service in house? 18. How are indirect tools of government different from direct tools of government? Give examples of each. 19. Are there public functions that should NOT be contracted out? Where do you draw the line?

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