Discuss the differences between ethics and morals.

Discuss the difference(s) between a puzzle and a mystery.
(b) Explain why one might consider the Nazi propaganda case (The Reader, pages 82-84) a mystery.

(c) Explain the problem-solving implications of the difference(s) between puzzle and mystery.

(d) What is an argument? What is an inductive argument? What is a deductive argument?

(a) What does globalization mean?
(b) Explain each of the following- (i) multi-disciplinary perspectives and (ii) interdisciplinary perspectives.

(c) Why is important to adopt both approaches when analyzing global issues?

(d) Is globalization “good” or “bad”?

(a) Explain each of the following concepts: values, ethics, and morals.
(b) Discuss the differences between ethics and morals.

(c) What is moral dilemma and how does one analyze one?

(d) Do you think that moral values should be universal or relative?

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