Effects of Social Media on Mental Health persuasive

Hello, this is a persuasive writing assignment. should be one page single space. it’s a college level assignment. it worth 100 points from my grade. it’s for my technical communication class.

that’s how the professor explained the assignment for us :

On this assignment you need to complete some persuasive writing.

You have a lot of freedom for this assignment. Here are some suggestions and you only need to do one. Upload a word document to D2L. You do not need to publicly share your writing assignment.

1. Write an Amazon review of a product. Persuade your audience with facts and information.

2. Write a letter to the editor to state an opinion about something while using facts and information to support you decision.

3. Write an email convincing someone to take action on a specific issue. Use facts and information to convince the recipient of the email.

4. Write a Facebook post outlining your opinion on an issue and use facts and information to convince your Facebook followers.

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