Emirates airlines

Emirates airlines
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1. Background (700 words)
Case study of Emirates Airlines and evidence. Present the context of your selected organisation and its business sector – the case study “story”, identifying the main issues. You must have references to up-to-date (2012-2013) sources of evidence here. Please be very clear and specific and avoid too much of descriptive analysis
2.2. Academic / theoretical framework – conceptual basis. Choose Porter Diamond framework , then justify and explain how it will help you explain the issues in your background above . You must have academic references here. I would like you to focus on new market entry for Emirates Airlines, so the Porter Diamond should be used to identify that. ( 300 words)
3. Analysis -application of theory to evidence
Use the framework that you have reviewed in Part 2 in order to explain, analyse and discuss the issues that you identified in Part 1.
(1000 words)
4.Conclusion(s) & Recommendation(s).
Summarise your findings from parts 1,2 and 3. Outline a future strategy that would face up to your most important findings.
( 300 words)
5.. Referencing & Bibliography
Ensure that all information, theory, evidence etc is systematically referenced to your bibliography using the Harvard system. Internet material must be referenced with its full URL address. DO NOT copy
and paste from internet sources. You must use correct, reputable sources for academic frameworks – NOT obscure websites

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