Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Procurement assignment. It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Procurement assignment. It needs to be at least 2500 words.
When it comes to getting goods, raw materials and other kinds of specialized services, these organizations tends to rely on the process of procurement, in order to get the best suppliers for the intended services and goods needed for the success of their business goals and objectives (Amaratunga & Baldry 2002, p. 45). The procurement process, as used in such organizations refers to the act of acquiring services, goods and different kinds of works from external sources different from the business. In the process of procurement, it is very important that those particular goods and services as well as other kinds of works be very appropriate, being procured from the best and favorable costs that are according to the needs of the business organisation with respect to their quality and quantity standards.
A procurement process that is professionally done enhances success in business functions, something that later becomes a competitive strategy for the particular businesses (Sekaran 2003, p. 23). Public and corporate bodies often define procurement as the processes aimed at promoting open and fair competition for their particular businesses while minimizing exposures to instances of fraud and collisions. This paper examines the process of procurement as done by an engineering firm that was seeking the services of oil explorers in Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan is one of largest countries in Europe, being estimated to have a size that is almost equivalent to that of Western Europe. The country comprises of a highly varied landscape that stretches all the way from the mountainous sections found to the east, going all the way to the vast lowlands that are energy rich to the west. Additionally, it includes the largely industrialized northern lands with their cold climates that go all the way to the steppes of the semi-desert of the central belt, all the way to the very fertile grasslands found to the south.
Kazakhstan is a

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