Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Research proposal on networ

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Research proposal on network optimization. It needs to be at least 500 words.
Data centers support and provide a variety of application services to the end-users such as cloud computing, grid application, video streaming, video gaming and many others services by providing platform that support all major hardware and soft ware.2 Data centers are located on different parts of a network. Thus the decisions on regulation and management of the application services and network play a big role in influencing outcomes of the application performance and state of the network. Most companies currently make application decisions with insufficient or no information regarding the underlying network that relay those services.3 Hence the maximum benefits of services and network utilization may not be reaped.
This paper proposes a study program into cross stratum application with emphasis on the challenges and opportunities made available by the data center based applications and the communication networks. Based on the cross stratum optimization opportunities presented by the interactions between the data center based application services, this research project will be mainly on the following key opportunities: first, enhanced optimization of application and network resources. Additionally, rapid reaction to the fast transforming demands. Lastly, quality of application experience enhancement through proper usage of the existing resources.
This project will involve qualitative research involving all essentials parties in CSO i.e. application provider, data center provider, network provider and end-user. The study will involve the following: first, the survey of the different ‘trust’ relationships that are exhibited between the various stakeholders in the application and the network stratum.
Secondly, survey of the cloud based applications to compare their impact on network infrastructure. Thirdly, evaluation of the key interfaces their functionality and how they relate to the current standards and potential future standards. More

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