Hi, I need help with essay on Kolb’s Learning cycle. Paper must be at least 500

Hi, I need help with essay on Kolb’s Learning cycle. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
nt of generating new insights and implications that one would be in a position of testing actively, thereby leading to the creation of new experiences. The theory opines that a majority of the learners are likely to circumnavigate through this learning circle in a spiral way because they would touch all base forming the elements of the concept. Learners would go through events that give them experience on particular items, after experiencing they are likely to enter into a reflection mode before thinking and engaging in acts that may also generate additional experiences (Seaman, 2008. Kolb, 1983).
The theory asserts that concrete experiences give rise to reflection and observations, which is translated or undergoes absorption through assimilation process thereby generating abstract concepts. The concepts are likely to have implications on the learners and trigger the urge to reflect on the items presented. Kolb summarise these the four-stage cycle by using four separate definition of the learning style. The diverging was used to refer to the link between the CE and RO, assimilating used for AC and RO, converging to refer to the connection between AC and AE, while accommodating to link between CE AND AE (Seaman, 2008. Kolb, 1983).
Russ examines the learning theory by discussing the learning cycles as well as the propositions shaping these events. Russ underscores the importance of Kolb’s cycle from a different perspective (Russ, 1998). For instance, the author documents the significance of assessing it within the mainstream management platform around the education sector. The author also observes that development stages are a key element when considering the implementation of the learning cycle. However, the most interesting perspective is the need to consider looking after and before the learning cycle, a fact that Kolb’s did not consider in the theoretical outlook. The perspective examined by Russ helps in the conceptualisation of the theory ( Russ, 1998).

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