Hi, I need help with essay on Legal Methods and Legal Structures. Paper must be

Hi, I need help with essay on Legal Methods and Legal Structures. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The issue of whether wearing religious apparel can be prohibited or restricted has been appeared as an important topic of discussion in several jurisdictions. Unfortunately, no clear or uniform response to this particular issue or claims has been recognised so far. In certain circumstances, courts are involved in justifying the ban on religious attire, while in other circumstances, courts are often seen to lack in making proper jurisdictions concerning the aforesaid issue. A comparison of two religious apparel cases that predominately arise in the context of school has been depicted in the following discussion. In R. (on the application of Playfoot) v Governing Body of Millais School [2007] H.R.L.R. 34, a 16 year old minor named Lydia Playfoot was the claimant. Lydia was pursuing her education from a non-denominational girl’s school in Horsham West Sussex. The Governing Body of Millias School was the defendant, which prohibited Lydia to wear a chastity ring (purity ring) as an insignia of her commitment made towards her religious beliefs. Nevertheless, the school has defined a clear set of dress code, which restricted the wearing of apparel other than plain ear studs. Notably, Lydia’s father disagreed with such dress code formulated by the school. Subsequently, she filed a lawsuit claiming for judicial investigation of the defendant’s decision. Her claim was grounded on the fact that the decision of the school prohibiting her from wearing purity ring was against her right to freedom.

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