Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Analyse and evaluate the view

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Analyse and evaluate the view that language affects cognition.
“Children learn languages that are governed by highly subtle and abstract principles, and they do so without explicit instructions or any other environmental clues to the nature of such principles” (Pinker, 1995: 135). Despite the complexity of language systems, every child successfully learns his/ her first language in a few years,
without conscious effort or formal lessons. Hence, language acquisition is distinct from general intelligence. it is based on inherent cognitive programming, and is unique to humans.
One of the important aspects of cognitive science is language acquisition. According to Robinson-Riegler & Robinson-Riegler (2004, p.172), “inhibitory processes serve a restraining function by preventing strong responses” from taking control of effectors responsible for thought and action. This constraining measure ensures that other less likely responses are also considered. hence incorrect interpretations of text and language are avoided. These functions work together to ensure that information in the memory buffer pertains only to goal-relevant information.
Language learnability is related to the cognitive processing that gives meaning to language. There is a distinction between top-down and bottom-up processing. Top-down refers to starting with the complete picture and working down to the basic processes. bottom-up means starting with the minute details and working towards understanding the whole process. Thus, the former is a breaking down process, and the latter is a building up process (Robinson-Riegler & Robinson-Riegler, 2004).
In top-down processing of stimulus, knowledge and memory function together to explain the details while information from the general context is used to help organize the stimulus. On the other hand, bottom-up processing of a stimulus is that in which information is from a physical stimulus, and not from a general context. The bottom level of processing is

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