Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Investgaton in salon service.

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Investgaton in salon service.
In fact, statistics estimate that the salon industry will be a booming market as from 2017 (Jenster, 2005). The objective of this report is to discuss how marketing has influenced the demand for salon services. Beginning a salon business is not easy. It requires investments in time, labour, and opportunity costs of working somewhere else (Ellis, 2010). The world market is crowded, and few customers are fickle, therefore, the salon entrepreneurs require ways to tackle these challenges. Market analysts argue that with good salon marketing, it would be easy to tackle any challenge in the market (Jones, 2008).
Marketing is a difficult task that requires proper planning (Brown, 2012). Steady fast execution of the plans is an added advantage. Salon industries that have dominated the markets for longer periods of time have made simple and effective marketing plans. The owners of these salons knew what their priorities were, therefore making their plans simple and effective (Morris, 2006).
The paper has a detailed analysis of marketing-related recommendations for the salon industry. During The past decades saw a perception that salons were ‘salon only’ retail facilities. Nowadays, after evolution of this industry, the salons go directly to the customers especially using online services. Literature reviews and studies indicate that the issue of diversion has been a challenge for most saloon owners (Lilien, 2012). During the past, most saloon-only products were diverted illegally. Surprisingly, during the past, some major saloons placed their products on retail shops rather than wholesale shelves (Entrepreneur Press, 2012).
With increase in marketing tools, especially advertisements and the social media, not only the distributors of salon products will sell directly to the consumers, but also the manufacturers of these products (Schmidt, 1991). The

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