How does a manager effectively measure performance deliver performance reviews and develop an employee?

5-7 page paper on the below lister topic. Must use the 2 references provided and 2 more references.


Global Virtual Organizations: Issues in Management

As technology continues to be dominant, virtual organizations are becoming increasingly more popular in the workforce today. Many companies are going virtual to reach a broader audience, save on overhead, and expand. Virtual establishments resemble traditional organizations in many ways, and can adapt to change almost as quickly as it is introduced. While reading about the many issues faced when managing a virtual organization, these four issues were the most popular.

  1. Communication: Language barriers, perception, and and interpretation play a huge role in the success of a company. Lacking cohesiveness in these areas can have a detrimental affect on productivity.
  2. Interpersonal Issues: Due to the lack of face-to-face interaction, there is a lost of connectively with co-workers. How does a team build trust amongst each other? How does a manager effectively measure performance, deliver performance reviews, and develop an employee?
  3. Economy: A benefit to a virtual organization is the ability to employee people from all over the world. Consider the necessities needed to work virtually. Technology is the lifeline to a successful organization. Many issues can stem from internet connectivity, available equipment, the cost to setup, run and maintain your work station.
  4. Culture: When employing international employees, it is important to consider cultural differences and the many company cultures. Many times issues can arise due to the lack of sensitivity and/or understanding of another’s culture or beliefs.



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