I will pay for the following essay Business Ethics and Law. The essay is to be 2

I will pay for the following essay Business Ethics and Law. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
will imply that dangerous dumping need to be avoided by the cruising ships which have been the number one contributor to wasting the grey water in the sea and therefore, causing pollution. There are various recommendations that I can make for control of the current situation to ensure that no companies benefit from the seas at the expense of other people.
One recommendation is that all the individuals and companies that use the sea in the cruising business should be charged according to the amount of waste they throw into the seas (Anonymous, n.d). This will ensure that a regulating body makes the treatment of the sea water so that there sea life can continue in a balanced ecosystem. All ship owners should be supervised to ensure that they are not risking the lives at the sea ensure by throwing either there human or the non human wastes into the sea at any point in time. This would help the beneficiaries of the sea like the swimmers, fishermen and others to get the benefit as users of the sea and this will help ensure that the fish and aquatic plants are prevented from poisoning. Clean sea water will ensure that the distribution and the population of the aquatic life is as per the natural condition.
After the implementation of the cleaning of the waters, I would recommend that all sea cruisers be fitted with enough tanks to keep the non human wastes in them and release them at a treatment point. This will ensure that grey water will not have negative impact to the aquatic life and therefore, it will ensure the sea cruising companies are responsible on the way they react to the environment. The strategy would address the problem at its base and will ensure that there is fairness in using the sea by containing wastes of the environment. This will mean that people who depend on the sea will be able to use the sea for a longer time. This recommendation will extend the economic benefit to all he fishermen, because they will continue with their activities for a longer

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