Identify the issue discuss the impact on young children and share why it is important to you.

Prepare a paper where you take a “stand” regarding your issue (Parental Involvement) and strive to influence others to advocate for this issue. The purpose of this paper is to educate the reader about the issue (Parental Involvement), give the reader an understanding of both sides of the issue, persuade the reader to support your stand, and to identify specific ways to bring about change. This paper should include the following:

Your paper should include:

Introduction: Identify the issue, discuss the impact on young children, and share why it is important to you.

History and background: Is this a current trend or a long standing issue?  Is it a local, state, or national issue?  What if any polices have been created regarding the issue?

Current research and information supporting your stand on the issue.

Current research and information supporting “the other side” of your issue.

While comparing and contrasting points from both sides, take a persuasive stand supporting your view on the issue.  Your reader should be convinced to support your stand.

A proposal you have for change.  Include specific plans and suggestions to advocate for children regarding this issue.  Be specific in what audience(s) you would address and how the readers could actively support your cause.

The paper should be 4-6 pages (typed, double-spaced). Use at least five references cited in APA style.

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