Identify the population you choose and analyze relevant information (demographics socioeconomics environmental hazards and access to healthcare) pertaining to your chosen population.

Assignment 2: Community Health Promotion Project For this assignment, you will compose a scholarly paper focused on health promotion for a population of your choosing. Your paper should be 6 to 7 pages in length and formatted in APA style. Be sure to address the following:

•Analyze and discuss the mortality and morbidity risk factors for your selected population. Discuss four health risk factors.

•Suggest a health promotion activity for each health issue identified from your analysis.

•Use course lectures, textbook readings, and three scholarly journal articles to support your findings and recommendations in relation to your chosen population. On a separate page, cite all sources using APA format. You can use this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources. You may create your essay in this APA-formatted template.

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