Industrial Wastewater Management (ESHS-614)


Homework Assignment #6

20 Points



  1. Using the NY State Water Quality Standards given in 6 NYCRR Part 703, find the water quality standards for the following pollutants in the indicated receiving stream. (1 point each)


Part 703 Surface Water and Groundwater Quality Standards and Groundwater Effluent Limitations

TOG 1.1.1. Ambient Water Quality Standards and Guidance Values and Groundwater Effluent Limitations


  1. What is the water quality standard for turbidity in a Class GA stream?



  1. What is the water quality standard for chlorobenzene in a Class A stream based on fish consumption?



  1. What is the aquatic chronic water quality standard for nickel in a Class B stream?


  1. What is the water quality standard for “Oil and floating substances” for a Class C stream?



  1. What are the numerical water quality standard, the type of WQ Standard and the basis code for Chloride in a Class AA stream? (2 points)



  1. What does a basis code of “U” mean in the NY State Water Quality Standards? (1 points)



  1. Provide the descriptions/definitions of the following types of water quality standard classes. (1 point each)


  1. H(FC)
  2. A(C)
  3. E(FS)
  4. R


  1. What is an “impaired water” and who makes the determination of impairment? (2 points)



  1. List at least 8 types of information about the facility and its discharge(s) (other than the applicant’s company name and address and contact information) that must be included in the SPDES permit application for a wastewater discharge. (7 points)


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