List three ways the HR department can contribute to positive employee relations in acompany

Please answer each questions and follow the instructions

HCS 341 Week2
Managing Human Resources 7e Ch13
1. List three ways the HR department can contribute to positive employee relations in acompany.

2. Do you think it is a good idea for a company and its managers to keep in touch with employees who have quit and taken jobs elsewhere? What are the advantages anddisadvantages with staying in touch with former employees who have moved on with their careers?

3. Do you think most employees have reservations about using an appeals procedure such as an open-door policy? What can managers do to convince employees that the available procedures
are fair and effective?

4. Employee privacy has been called “today’s most important workplace issue.” What kinds of dilemmas have the new technologies created regarding employee privacy? What other kinds of problems have the new technologies created in employee relations and communications,
and how might managers deal with them?

Managing Human Resources 7e Ch05

5. Should applicants be selected primarily on the basis of ability or on personality/fit? How can fit be assessed?

6. Interviewing unqualified applicants can be a frustrating experience and a waste of time for managers, peers, or whoever is responsible for interviewing. How can the HR department minimize or eliminate this problem?

7. You work for a medium-size, high-tech firm that faces intense competition on a daily basis. Change seems to be the only constant in your workplace, and each worker’s responsibilities shift from project to project.

8. You have been asked by your company to hire a new worker for your unit. You have been given responsibility for conducting the recruitment and selection. How would you recruit a new worker for your unit? Explain why you would use those particular methods and sources. How will you select the applicant who will actually get the job? Would you use some sort of tests and an interview? If so, what kind and in what order?

Please answer each questions with 150 words with 3 references!!!

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