make a database

First, make a database. You can start any business whatever you like, you can make the cupcake, ice cream, whatever you want. Just follow the requirement( in attached files). Only turn in the pdfs of the requested output pages as a single merged pdf, with the pages in the correct order as assigned. Do NOT turn in the database itself, the .accdb file.

Second, after you make the database, you need to make a website. Here is the requirement for website:

Web Project Instructions (PDF)

  • Construct a home page:

    • Company name as a first level header [3%]

    • Contact information and any other information as a lower level header [3%]

    • Description of your company and what you sell as one or more paragraphs [3%]

    • At least one image [6%]

    • Link to at least one external website [5%]

    • Custom background color [10%]

    • Styled navigation menu with CSS as either a row or a column [10%]

    • Create an html file of the Access customer report from the Database Project and link from the homepage of your website [10%]

  • Construct at least two product pages, each of which:

    • Style in fluid, three columns [10%]

    • At least one picture of the product [10%]

    • List items describe the corresponding product [5%]

    • Custom background color [10%]

    • Links back to the home page [5%]

    • Functioning Shopping Cart button that generates an invoice [10%]

  • Then upload everything to a web server, usually the web server as part of your computer account provided to you as a PSU student.

  • Once you have completed your website, follow the directions for Discussion 2 in the syllabus and discussion board. This is an individual assignment, if you worked in a group for the website project, you will be completing your own discussion posting.

  • Submit a Website Project Write Up in Assignments

    • The primary information needed for your write-up regarding your website is to provide a few sentences about the nature of your business, and then the working link to your website so that I can go to your website and grade it according to the requirements listed below.

    • Also include a brief report on what you learned and how you can use this skill in the workplace, including some comments on best practices. You can reflect on your own experience of how to best proceed to construct the website and/or search online. If you wish, you can add your website development to your resume and/ or portfolio.

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