Managers Economic Proposal Prepare an 8–12 slide PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx file) presentation using a minimum of two (2) slides per initiative. Elements of Presentation


Use a maximum of six bullets on each slide with highlights of the information you would present if you were in front of your audience.

Include speaker notes in the speaker notes section based on what you will verbally present or you may opt for voice overs (recorded presentation on each slide).

Include a thorough, clear, and concise introduction of the overall initiatives. Be creative to draw the audience into the presentation with compelling questions, or by relating to the audience’s interests of your hypothetical health care organization

Using your approved initiatives, develop a presentation that includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:

Introduction your hypothetical health care organization/facility establishing your audience.

Explanation of your approved initiatives brief implementation plan.

Purpose of your initiatives (what is the significant affiliation to health care organizations).

How your initiatives influence health care organizations.

How your initiatives relate specifically to health care management.

How your initiatives interconnect to economical concepts and principles.

Include a minimum of three (3) scholarly references (one for each initiative) from the Excelsior Library in addition to the textbook. Please properly cite each slide, list all references on the reference slide, and include a title slide, all in APA format. For PowerPoint assistance, view PowerPoint Tutorials (Atomic Learning) available to you through the Video Tutorials link in left course toolbar.

*NOTE: I do not have the initiatives approved yet.*

Assignment 2: Two-page paper

Price discrimination is common in healthcare, as well as other industries. Price discrimination can increase profits. Read case study 12.1 in the textbook on price discrimination and compose a case study report that follows the recommended format in the “Case Study Rubric”.

Write a two-page, double-spaced paper in APA format, including a title and reference page. Cite and reference the Lee textbook and two additional scholarly resources from the readings

Include evidence on price discrimination and address the following questions in your paper narrative (do not copy and paste questions and answer one at a time, but rather integrate the answers as appropriate in your written text. Q & A format is not acceptable):

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