Managing a Global Workforce – Alpha Services

 Instructions: You have been employed as a consultant to present your case study analysis and response to the CEO based on the given case. You are to identify three dominant IHRM issues/challenges faced by this company from an IHRM perspective. It is recommended that you use an issue-oriented/problem-solving approach. After addressing these three issues/challenges in relation to theoretical understanding, discuss 3 plausible courses of action or recommendations to the three problems/issues presented. In your conclusion, state which specific issue/problem the company should focus on first that is the most pertinent. Why have you chosen this specific issue/problem to focus on? What is the consultants’ main recommendation to the CEO. Discuss this recommendation in detail, considering the implications of proceeding with this recommendation. Finally, discuss the implementation of your solution, identifying timetables, responsibilities, follow-ups, and any additional issues that may potentially impede your suggested implementation. Include here any adverse fallout from your recommendation that may potentially have a negative impact, and offer constructive counter strategies to resistance. The case study analysis and response report should be no more than twelve one and a half-spaced page (exclude reference page, appendices). It is to be written using Times Roman Font, 12; APA referencing style with at least 6 references used. The case study will be made known to you by the second tutorial. Useful Information: No waffling here! You are contracted, and duly compensated, to advise the company exactly how to approach this case based situation; be frank and open in your recommendations.

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