Marketing Demographics

Module 1: Discussion Forum No unread replies. No replies. For the discussion this week, review Chapter 2 about demographics of consumers and how companies target them. Then give an example of a company that has used targeted media as part of an IMC campaign. How successful was the campaign? Can you show an independent source that evaluated the campaign (show your references)? Could this campaign be duplicated? Has anyone tried to copy it? What was the key strength and notable weakness in the campaign? Did the company really address its demographic? Here is a great example of an IMC campaign that used all forms of media: Video: Guinness Ireland Relationship Marketing Programme Do not choose companies already taken by your classmates. For example, if a classmate chooses BMW Automobile Corporation, no other student should choose BMW Corporation. Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument and a minimum of three peer-reviewed articles/journal, citing any sources referenced. Use the CSU-Global Library or other online resources to retrieve your scholarly or peer-reviewed article/journal.

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