Medieval Era: The Dominance of the Church in Religion, Romance, and Race

The paper will require Chaucer, his The Prioress, the Wife of Bath in the 1300’s, Plantagenet’s, Marie de France, Chrétien de Troyes, Tennyson, Geraldine Heng, the mythical King Arthur, his Knights Gawain, Kay, Perceval his mother, on becoming a knight, Lanval (has his own story) Yvain (has own story), Guinevere (her story is tied to Lanval), she plays a small part in Yvain, the absolute wealth in Lanval, Yonec, Eric and Enide, the stories with faeries, sex in the Middle Ages, Ivanhoe. The servants Lucretia in Yvain, the dwarf, Gyfre, the invisible squire, and the Crusades (also ties into Ivanhoe), Geraldine Heng, James M Thomas “The racial formation of Medieval Jews: a challenge to the field,” Wikipedia, Samantha Zacher “Imagining the Jew in Anglo-Saxon ((white) Literature and Culture.”

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