Need an argumentative essay on Diciplinary procedures report. Needs to be 6 page

Need an argumentative essay on Diciplinary procedures report. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Protection which is required by the company from lawsuits coming from employees against whom disciplinary actions were taken and protection of the employees themselves from other employees (Armstrong, 2003).
This is because there are certain legal requirements which have been placed on our company by various national and local bodies in terms of how they can and how they should respond to disciplinary issues within the organisation.
For instance, an employee who has suffered sexual harassment within the company needs to be handled very carefully with the full application of the law. Similarly, an employee who has a grievance concerning racial discrimination may quickly turn to the law in order to seek redress. In these situations as well as others, documented formal disciplinary procedures can show the courts that the company did its part in ensuring an amicable settlement.
As discussed by Mullins (2004), grievance and disciplinary related policies may have a certain differentiation between the level of which it is applied and these can be informal or formal. For minor lapses in judgement by employees, the company may have to trust the management or the immediate supervisor in considering the breach of discipline a minor one for which verbal warnings or a quite conversation over lunch can be considered disciplinary action enough. However, in some situations there may be aggrieved parties who need to see some action being taken against an individual where a formal disciplinary policy becomes necessary.
In such cases, a formal disciplinary policy has to outline what action will be taken by the management for a violation of the code of ethics, the company policies, and bylaws of the company as well as the laws under which the company operates. While the documentation and procedural adherence for smaller disciplinary issues should be done as a matter

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